BBC TV licence fee row: Darren Grimes exposes ‘morally bankrupt’ plot to target over-75s | UK | News (Reports)


Political commentator Darren Grimes unleashed his frustration at the BBC in a rant over the new TV licence fees for the over-75 population. Speaking to Leave.EU, Mr Grimes argued the BBC specifically chose to target the over-75s as the young viewers would not likely pay the fees. Mr Grimes said: “I reckon the most powerful argument in favour of decriminalisation of non-payment of the licence fee has to be the social justice case.”

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Mr Grimes claimed young people and women at home were the most targeted for having home visits regarding payment of the TV licence fee.

He insisted the BBC had moved on to a new target with the pensioners.

Mr Grimes claimed it was unfair to remove the free over-75 TV licence as many people in this demographic enjoy the programmes more than other groups.

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He continued: “The pensioners do actually enjoy, for the most part, BBC content.

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“Although they’ll be very turned off by podcasts on ‘Karen’ for example or apologising for our white privilege via BBC Sounds which is very expensive.

“To me, that goes to the very heart of where the BBC’s gone wrong.

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“It’s morally bankrupt.

“We are forced to pay for all of this content that increasingly we are all switched off by.

“His generation isn’t going to cough up so let’s go after the pensioners.

“The pensioners are the one group that will pay for it.

“They are the one group whose television box is a real source of comfort for them that combats loneliness for many old people.”


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