Boris Johnson shows ‘powerful’ new coronavirus map turning dark as cases soar ‘Must act!’ | UK | News (Reports)


Boris Johnson held a press briefing on Thursday 4pm to discuss the recent increase in coronavirus cases and the next steps the Government must take. The Prime Minister, joined by Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, detailed the trend seen across England. Mr Johnson insisted to avoid a second coronavirus wave and lockdown in the winter Britons needed to remember the basics. 

During the briefing, Professor Whitty shared a new animation showing the increase of coronavirus cases across England in recent weeks. 

The map of England divided into hexagonal regions started out in very dark blues and purples – from the beginning of the pandemic when cases were high – before turning yellow and green as cases dropped over the summer.

However, from September 3 the regions are shown to be darker again as cases have began to spike.

After watching the animation, Mr Johnson said: “It is clear from that very powerful graphic that we must act.

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Mr Johnson also went into greater details of how people can protect themselves from coronavirus and help prevent a second wave.

He said: “First, wash your hands regularly and for twenty seconds, don’t get back into old habits. 

“Second wear a face covering over your mouth and nose if you are in an enclosed space and in close contact with people you don’t normally meet.

“Face coverings do make it harder for the virus to spread so please do wear one.” 


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