Brexit news: ‘Carnage’ as Scottish fishermen protest red tape at Number 10 | UK | News (Reports)


The fishermen, who travelled from Scotland to protest outside the Prime Minister’s office, claimed the Brexit conditions made it almost impossible to trade in the European Union. They plastered signs across their lorries with slogans like “Brexit carnage” and “Incompetent government destroying shellfish industry!”

A spokesperson from DR Collin & Son, who were taking part in the demonstration, said fisheries were being “tied in knots” with administrative demands.

He said: “We have been asked to take part in a peaceful protest with another 20-plus Shellfish Exporters from around the whole of the UK in connection with the current difficulties that the seafood industry is facing due to the new Brexit regulations.

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“The industry is being tied in knots with paperwork requirements which would be easy enough to navigate, given that companies have put in the time and training in order to have all the relevant procedures in place for January 1, 2021.

“However, all the training is going to waste as the technology is outdated and cannot cope with the demands being placed on it – which in turn is resulting in no produce being able to leave the UK.”

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The spokesperson added that the consequences of the trade deal would severely impact the livelihoods of “fishermen, fishing towns and the shellfish industry as a whole.”

Seafood sellers are losing an around £1million a day, according to Scotland Food and Drink.

Seafood Scotland CEO Donna Fordyce reported drops of between 40 and 50 percent in the price of some seafood types destined for EU recipients.

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Ms Fordyce said: “Losses for the sector are mounting and the situation is urgent.”


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