Brits more likely to buy a treat for a loved one than themselves, study finds | UK | News (Reports)


A study of 2,000 adults found 40 per cent are more likely to put others first when it comes to their spending over the next three months than they were in previous years. The average adult will also spend more money on others, splashing out £37 on their lover and £30 on a family member. But they will part with just £26 on treats for themselves.

The study, commissioned by Nectar, also found that while family always comes first for 53 per cent, one in 10 are more likely to treat a pet than an extended member of their family.

The nation’s beloved animals are also more likely to get a gift than work colleagues, with their owners splashing out up to £20 on treats such as a new bed or special food.

However, 58 per cent of the adults polled admitted to feeling more cautious about their spending habits now, than they did in 2019.

As a result, three in five adults are spending longer deliberating over a purchase before they splash the cash on either themselves or someone else.

James Moir, the managing director of Nectar, said: “We know many of our customers are keen to reward themselves with the small things, but for a lot of us that feels a little harder than ever right now.

“Whether it’s using points collected through Nectar to pick up a treat for the family pet, save for something special or spend on your weekly shop, we hope we can help make life a little easier and help people’s money go further over the next few months.”


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