Caernarfon news: Police response as woman ‘locks herself in military-style vehicle’ | UK | News (Reports)


There is a heavy police presence at the scene in Pool Street.

A woman is understood to have locked herself in a military-style vehicle and officers are trying to remove her.

A witness told North Wales Live: “I was walking home from work when I saw a lot of commotion around the van.

“I walk up and down Pool Street to and from work every day and I know the van has been there since at least Monday

“I could hear a woman’s voice shouting hysterically inside the living compartment while a crowd – including some police officers in face masks – had gathered outside.

“As I was passing, I saw someone pull up in an unmarked vehicle and begin to suit up in riot gear – he was putting on something to protect his neck and it looked like he has some sort of a riot shield.

“It caused quite a commotion on the street.”

A North Wales Police spokesman said officers were “dealing with the removal of a vehicle”.



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