Civil news: launch of new CCMS tool for bulk claim upload issues


A workbook is now available to help you quickly identify common problems when making bulk claim uploads in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

How does it work?

If you are having problems with bulk claim uploads you will receive an ‘execution report’ with an error code.

If you enter the error code into the new ‘XML-Fixer’ workbook you will see an explanation of the issue and what to do next.

This should help you to manage your issue without needing to contact our online support team.

In specific cases, you may be prompted to input some further details on what you are trying to claim.

You will then be given specific advice on steps to take to resolve your issues. You may also be directed to an LAA team for further assistance.

Where do I find the workbook?

The ‘XML-Fixer’ workbook is available for download on our new training and support website.


We would welcome email feedback on your experiences using the ‘XML- Fixer’ workbook: [email protected]

Further information

Legal aid learning website: bulk claim upload issues – to download the new ‘XML-Fixer’

[email protected] – to give us your feedback on the new ‘XML-Fixer’ workbook


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