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Is it Clap for Carers tonight, why are people clapping?

Clap for Carers will be returning tonight (January 7) at 8pm under the new name of Clap for Heroes. 

Many people in the UK will be clapping to show their support for the NHS and other frontline workers, to thank them for their efforts during the next stage of the pandemic.

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The Clap for Carers website states: “Clap For Heroes will not only celebrate our NHS, care workers and key workers – from delivery drivers to postal workers, emergency services to teachers – but will also acknowledge every hero who has played their part through the pandemic, including but not limited to: home-schoolers, neighbours, scientists, volunteers, all those who wear masks when out, those who have stayed at home and socially distanced, shop workers, those in the Arts and hospitality sectors, everyone who has battled or is still battling Covid-19 (or caring for a loved one who is unwell), and also those sorely missed loved ones and friends who have been tragically lost to the virus.”


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