Family services will be in ‘deep trouble’ unless granted emergency funding, warns watchdog | UK | News (Reports)


Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield will say that unless emergency funding is granted in tomorrow’s spending review, family services will be in “deep trouble”.

In a speech, she will say that some children are falling into the clutches of criminals or leaving school without qualifications.

She will say: “The truth is while the state can be a great parent – it can also be a really bad one. In fact, sometimes so negligent that it would risk having its children taken into care if it was an actual parent.”

Ms Longfield believes the system will need an extra £3-£4billion per year over the next four years “to stand still”.

She will say: “It is a system that has not kept up with the changing cohort of children entering it, and which is rapidly running out of money. And without urgent reform, and better funding, it will fail more children.”

Ms Longfield will say an independent review due to be announced by the Government is a “golden opportunity” to improve the care system.


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