Gallifen 200 mg/ml Suspension, Pigfen 200 mg/ml Suspension – Product defect recall alert


Pigfen packaging

Gallifen packaging

Gallifen packaging

Gallifen packaging

Gallifen packaging

We wish to make veterinary surgeons aware that Huvepharma N.V has issued a recall of the following finished products from the UK market:

  • Two batches of Gallifen 200 mg/ml Suspension for Use in Drinking Water for Chickens and Pheasants
  • Six batches of Pigfen 200 mg/ml Suspension for Use in Drinking Water for Pigs.
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Fenbendazole content has been found lower than the agreed specification limit and sediment/caking layer is present on bottom of the bottle. This recall is for the following batches only:

Product Batch No. Expiry Date
Gallifen 200mg/ml   19041748008   31/10/2021
Gallifen 200mg/ml   19091748023   30/03/2022
Pigfen 200mg/ml   18061747014   31/12/2020
Pigfen 200mg/ml   18091747020   30/03/2021
Pigfen 200mg/ml   19011747001   31/07/2021
Pigfen 200mg/ml   19031747019   30/09/2021

Huvepharma N.V have contacted wholesale dealers and veterinary surgeons to examine inventory immediately and quarantine products subject to this recall.

For further details please contact Laura Kappelle [email protected]

Published 30 September 2020

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