Garden centres UK: Britons furious at absurd queues – ‘no social distancing, no rules’ | UK | News (Reports)


Under the current guidelines, garden centres are allowed to remain open as long as they can operate in a secure way. Frustrated customers have accused others of abusing the measures thus causing large queues to form at multiple garden centres across the country. Since November 6, England has been under lockdown but customers have taken to social media to vent their anger at being unable to use their local centres.

One man from Darton, Barnsley said: “I watched a 200+ queue at a garden centre today.

“Essential shopping? There was no social distancing and no rules.”

A second man from Leeds said: “My local ASDA in Leeds this morning. Garden centre had queues with min 200 people-no distancing.

“What possible logic have we got to dismiss that golf cannot be played safely right now?”

One man from Southend-on-Sea: “Queue for a garden centre.

“This is allowed but my mum can’t come over to see her grandchildren.”

Police have urged the public to report any social distancing violation through the lockdown.

Some hospitality venues, which have not been running a takeaway service have been forced to close by local police forces.

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The complaints over the lack of social distancing measures come as the lockdown in England is set to end on December 2.

Ahead of the end of the lockdown, the Prime Minister is set to announce a return to the tier system.

Although England will return to the tiered system, it is thought some of the restrictions will be tightened in order to stop the spread of the virus.

According to NHS England figures, case rates have dropped for almost all areas of the country in the last seven days.

As of yesterday, cases across the UK also dropped by 13.8 percent in the last seven days.

The country’s R-rate is also estimated to have fallen to between 1 to 1.1.

The R-rate states the number of second-hand infections across the country.

Experts have claimed the R-rate must remain below one in order to curb infections.


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