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The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, spoke with students at the University of Derby last week about how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their lives. But royal commentators Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed how the royal held herself in photos during royal engagements. They noted Kate clasped her hands “intensely” when speaking to the students.

Speaking on the Royally Obsessed podcast, Ms Bowie said: “I wanted to mention Kate’s clasped hands.

“I always think about how do I hold myself in photos.

“She looks like she’s actually taking her forefinger and thumb and really intensely gripping the other thumb.

“It’s almost like she’s been taught to do it like that.

“She’s really pinching her thumb.”

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Ms Firito added: “I wonder if it makes you sit up straighter or feel more polished.

“What is the background here? Have we gone too far in analysing photos?”

It comes as Kate and Prince William have been attending further royal engagements despite the increase in coronavirus cases.

The Duchess described it as “so wonderful” to be back at the Natural History Museum as she prepares to announce its Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the world’s longest-running and most prestigious annual wildlife photography competition, with more than 49,000 entries from across the globe.

Kate is patron of the museum and will talk about how the photos serve as a reminder to care for the environment when she announces the grand title during the virtual ceremony.

“The skill and creativity of this year’s images provide a moving and fascinating insight into the beauty and vulnerability of life on our planet,” the duchess will say.

“Thank you to all those who entered for showing us the magic of the natural world, and for reminding us that caring for our environment and its precious biodiversity has never been more important.”

The ceremony will be livestreamed at 8pm on Tuesday on the museum’s YouTube channel.


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