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Meghan has been criticised for still “acting like a royal” during engagements by a Twitter user. A royal watcher named Breya said the Duchess of Sussex has retained the protocol and habits upheld by royals when she speaks to charities or visits organisations close to her heart. 

She wrote: “Why’s she acting like a royal in a non royal country?

“What other celebs pop into schools for a photo op, or do zoom calls congratulating people on their work etc?

“So much for wanting out”.

Another royal watcher, Miss Priss, replied saying: “Agree… Americans look forward to them making appearances from across the pond, not on our soil.” 

But a third Twitter user replied saying the Duchess of Sussex is working the way she has always done – even before joining the Royal Family in May 2019.

This social media user, named Karen, said: “Breya don’t get caught up in rumours.

“Meghan has been involved in charity work since the age of 13, and they [Meghan and Harry] couldn’t have popped in without prior discussion in light of COVID.  

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“They left Britain because of abuse and their inability to earn independently while they pay their way.”

Meghan recently took part in a video call with clients of Smart Works, one of her four patronages.

The Duchess heard their success stories and how her patronage helped them before saying what she believes Smart Works is truly providing people with – confidence. 

Meghan said: “People can say that so much of Smart Works is about the clothes themselves but it’s really not.


“All of that stuff is the exterior but it is what it does for you on the inside that ends up being the best accessory.

“It’s the confidence, it’s what is built within, that is the piece that you walk out of that room with and walk into the interview with that will take you to the next level of success.

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“And that’s what I love so much about the organisation.”

The Duchess of Sussex, like the Duke of Sussex, has retained all of her patronages and her role as vice president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust despite having stepped down as senior royal.   

But, since moving to California in March, she has also been connecting with new charities and promoting their work.

On August 31, Meghan and Harry visited the Preschool Learning Center run by the Assistance League, which supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

According to royal expert Omid Scobie, the pair had already volunteered at the centre.

A week earlier, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took part in an event launched by Baby2Baby, an LA-based association providing children’s supplies to families in need.

Details of both these engagements were provided by a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to royal reporters alongside with pictures taken by a professional photographer at the location. 

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Photos taken during the Baby2Baby initiatives were credited to a freelance photographer on behalf of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, sparking speculation Meghan and Harry had brought along someone to document their work.

US royal fan Royal Tea wrote on Twitter: “Baby2Baby is one of the MOST celebrity heavy charities in LA.

“The work they do is amazing, but for moms in Hollywood, it’s the essential social event of the year.

“A savvy, but transparent move. Also, it’s tacky to openly bring your own photographer to a volunteer opportunity.”

Social media user Belle replied saying: “Yes, very well put! It doesn’t come across particularly well to bring your personal photographer along with you.”

The couple has opted out of the so-called royal rota, which makes sure royal engagements are covered by the press.  


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