Nicola Sturgeon orders pubs to turn punters away if ‘essential’ contact details not given | UK | News (Reports)


Nicola Sturgeon said the hospitality sector needs to turn away potential customers if they refuse to abide by a new law demanding the collection of personal contact details. Punters across Scotland will be required to provide their details in order to help public health officials track and trace potential outbreaks of the coronavirus amidst growing cases in the nation. The First Minister said: “It is now mandatory for hospitality businesses, including cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars to collect customers and visitors’ contact details.

“That requirement already exists in guidance and I know a lot of businesses already are doing this but it is now law.

“It’s an essential step to ensure the test and protect system can function as effectively as possible.

“From now on, businesses must collect contact details for all visitors to their premises. That includes customers and staff but also people such as cleaners and delivery drivers.”

She added: “Let me make this point clear as well – if customers refuse to provide these details, they should not be served in the place where they are trying to be served.”

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Ms Sturgeon expressed concern about “venues where crowding has become an issue, due to poor compliance with physical distancing or premises exceeding their safety capacity”.

The SNP leader stressed that “nobody’s social life should feel exactly as it was before” saying: “We’re asking customers to minimise the number of premises you visit in any one day.

“The more settings you go to, the more likely you might be to get Covid-19, and the more likely you might be to spread it.

“Visiting lots of pubs in a single day or evening massively increases the workload of tests and protect, so please think about that – it makes a really big difference if you stay in one pub.”

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“I think it’s clear from the numbers I’ve just given that we will continue to see new cases and new contracts identified in Aberdeen in the coming days, but we are hopeful that this is an outbreak that will be brought firmly under control.”

The First Minister also reported no new death have been recorded over the past day as she warned of a potential new cluster of cases in the northeast of Glasgow.

A total of 2,491 patients have died in Scotland after testing positive for coronavirus.

Ms Sturgeon said 19,238 people have tested positive for the virus in Scotland, up by 65 from the day before.

Of the new cases, 28 are in the Grampian health board area, nine are in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, 12 are in Lanarkshire and two in Orkney.


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