Nicola Sturgeon’s ally left red-faced as Kay Burley slashes SNP’s independence bid | UK | News (Reports)


The SNP’s deputy Westminster leader, Kirsten Oswald, engaged in a tense row with Sky News’ Kay Burley over Scottish independence. Ms Oswald claimed that Nicola Sturgeon was right to outline the plan for a second referendum on independence as the support for an independent Scotland grows. But Ms Burley argued that regardless of how such support grows, it is up to Boris Johnson to decide whether Scotland will be granted a referendum.

She added the Prime Minister has already said no to this request and claimed that the 2014 independence referendum was a once in a generation vote.

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The Sky News host said: “Unless the rules have changed, you need permission from the British Prime Minister to have a referendum.

“That is the case at the moment, isn’t it?”

Ms Oswald replied: “Well, let us see Kay.

“I don’t think Boris can maintain that position, I don’t think that it is sustainable for one person to stand in the way of a country.

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“It is very clear from the polls that there is a sustained majority for people favouring Scotland as an independent country.

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“I don’t think that is surprising and I think it was helpful for Nicola Sturgeon to set out a plan for the election.

“I look forward to campaigning on that basis.”

Ms Burley again reiterated that the option of a referendum on independence could only be granted by the Prime Minister.

She said: “Except Boris Jonhson and the SNP have said it was a once in a generation vote.

“It is not for Boris Johnson to tell us that in these very changing situations that we are facing with Brexit that he should tell us what we are or aren’t able to do.”

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She continued: “I don’t think that is sustainable.

“It would certainly be a positive recruiting assurgent for the independence cause if that position is maintained.

“Really there is no getting away from the fact that the people in Scotland are the ones who have the right to determine their own future.

“It is certainly not something for Boris Johnson to decide.”


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