Nigel Farage warns the future of Britain’s fishing industry ‘hangs in the balance’ | UK | News (Reports)


The Brexiteer claimed the price of fish had fallen because of the pandemic and French officials had been “going out of their way” to make it harder for British exports. He then urged Boris Johnson’s government to “act quickly” as he suggested introducing recreational fishing with “catch-and-release system” to boost coastal communities. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Farage said: “The British fishing sector is taking flak from every direction at the moment.

“Not only has the price of fish fallen thanks to the pandemic, but French officials are going out of their way to make it more difficult for our products to be exported.

Mr Farage admitted the Brexit deal “fell way below expectations” for the fishing industry.

He said a combination of the coronavirus pandemic and poor Brexit negotiations for fishermen meant, “the future of many who work in the industry hangs in the balance”.

Mr Farage then claimed that Bluefin tuna “are back in British waters in huge numbers”.

He said that if these “are managed correctly, this could bring a significant boost to fishing businesses”.

He went further and said that tourism could have a boost from the presence of Bluefin tuna.

Mr Farage then went on the attack against Britain’s years of membership in the European Union.

He said that it “meant that our fishing industry had a zero quota for Bluefin tuna”.

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He said: “The acid test of Brexit, what our voters will face in 2020, is have we got back our territorial waters?

“Are we like Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands?

“Are we in control?”

“It’s going to take some considerable courage to say to our European partners ‘I’m very sorry.

“I know you’ve had a fabulous time catching 80 percent of our fish but we are actually going to take back what is rightfully ours.

“That’s going to take real leadership and real courage.”


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