Piers Morgan hits out at Biden and Democrats over ‘come together’ message: ‘Good luck!’ | UK | News (Reports)


Today, Mr Biden’s account posted a message calling for Democrat and Republican voters to work with each other under his leadership.

He said: “The election is over. It’s time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric designed to demonise one another.

“We have to come together.”

Mr Trump has refused to concede the election to the Democrat, and has attempted to launch legal challenges over the result of the contest.

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But Mr Morgan rubbished the former Vice President’s message, and said Republicans will fight back against the Democrats presidency.

He said: “Good luck with that, Mr President-Elect..

“Sadly, the Republicans will now spend four years doing to you what the Democrats did to Trump.”

Mr Morgan has also criticised both the Democrat and Mr Trump in the wake of the election, particularly challenging the President’s claims the election was “rigged” without evidence.

This weekend the Good Morning Britain host also criticised former President Barack Obama for his time in office.

As the 44th President embarked on a press tour for his memoirs, ‘A Promised Land’, Mr Morgan attacked the “cozy” interviews given to Mr Obama despite his eight years in office.

He said: “Lots of very cosy interviews with Barack Obama popping up to promote his book.”

“Not seeing much scrutiny of his shocking record on drone strikes, failure to close Guantanamo Bay, dreadful attacks on press freedom, or the fact he deported 3 million immigrants… an all-time record.”

Mr Morgan remains a close friend with Mr Trump, despite criticising the President over his handling of the coronavirus vaccine.

After Mr Trump refused to concede the election, Mr Morgan penned a scathing article slamming the President for refusing to accept his term was “finished”.

He said: “Donald, I say this as your friend: it’s over.

“I know how galling it must be to see all the insufferably smug gloating from your liberal enemies, but your side did the same to Hillary.

“And if you want Trumpism to dominate the Republican agenda after this election, something many will support, then stop this tantrum, put your toys back in the stroller, accept you’ve lost, call off the lawyers from their wild fraud goose chases, put a muzzle on Rudy Giuliani, wish Joe Biden well, and put American democracy before your bruised ego.”


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