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Greta Thunberg: Naomi Seibt slams climate activist on GMB

Naomi Seibt, dubbed the anti-Greta Thunberg of climate change, branded the future King’s crusade to unite businesses over the environment “propaganda”, as she told that his pledge would “only empower the establishment”.This, Ms Seibt said, could see an already divided UK, and planet, plunged into a further split, as she argued his Terra Carta proposal could hit taxpayers’ wallets hard. Charles’ scheme aims to “provide a roadmap for businesses to move towards a sustainable future”, while “harnessing the power of nature, and the power, innovation and resources of the private sector”.

The project was launched earlier this year, after Charles himself courted controversy for demanding farmers pay for the pollution they create during a BBC Radio 4 climate change debate.

Ms Seibt has become a key speaker on climate change, and a direct opponent of activists including Ms Thunberg and Prince Charles.

While Ms Seibt agrees that carbon dioxide – a byproduct of the use of fossil fuels – does affect the climate, she argues that the impact it has on the environment is blown out of proportion.

Although claiming Charles’ plan “appears to be a noble pursuit with the goal to strengthen nature and protect the environment”, Ms Seibt told “This idea that everything that is man-made must be a destructive force is a terribly anti-humanistic claim.

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Prince Charles' 'selfish demand' will ‘empower establishment' to create major UK divide

Prince Charles’ ‘selfish demand’ will ‘empower establishment’ to create major UK divide (Image: GETTY/Naomi Seibt)

Royal fury: Naomi Seibt was angered by Charles' plan

Royal fury: Naomi Seibt was angered by Charles’ plan (Image: Jonathan Wong)

“Charles does not explicitly outline the causal link between human activity and environmental damage. His ‘efforts’ can be summarised as climate alarmism, embedded in emotional appeals.”

The main concern regarding Charles’ proposal was regarding aspects that were not focused on in the pledge – including factory farming, Ms Seibt said.

She detailed how this industry created the “real damage” for local farmers, and his idea that some in agriculture should pay for pollution was wrong.

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Prince Charles has been critical about farming previously

Prince Charles has been critical about farming previously (Image: GETTY)

Ms Seibt added: “Farmers are the backbone of our healthy food production amid a fast food epidemic. The bogus idea that we should burden them with additional taxes is diametrically opposed to the call for a more natural way of living.

“Terra Carta is a blueprint for a centrally planned economy and the invasion of the private citizen’s lifestyle.

“This will only further empower the people at the very top. Some animals are more equal than others.”

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Terra Carta, also known as the Earth Charter, would “bring prosperity” to those who join his pledge, Charles said when the campaign was launched this month.

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Greta Thunberg has previously been criticised by Naomi Seibt

Greta Thunberg has previously been criticised by Naomi Seibt (Image: GETTY)

His ambitious plot will ask those who sign up to the charter to agree to “100 actions to become more sustainable by 2030”.

It is hoped the voluntary commitment could spark international agreements on climate change, while backing efforts to ensure half of Earth is protected by 2050.

The charter was launched ahead of the One Planet summit, and Charles said: “I can only encourage, in particular, those in industry and finance to provide practical leadership to this common project, as only they are able to mobilise the innovation, scale and resources that are required to transform our global economy.”

Earlier this year, Charles was embroiled in debate regarding “conventional” farming techniques, which he argued causes pollution.

Charles has used his position to discuss climate change

Charles has used his position to discuss climate change (Image: GETTY)

He claimed these techniques included the “overuse of antibiotics, the overuse of growth-promoting hormones in beef production”, something that will leave nature “ending up in tears if it went too far”.

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Charles then warned there “would be no tomorrow”, adding during a BBC Radio 4 broadcast that “the polluter should pay” for damage caused to the environment.

The royal has been a long-term advocate of ensuring the climate change crisis is halted, and regularly uses his position within the monarchy to share his views.

But Charles has also been known to praise farmers – particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 72-year-old said the UK owes farmers “an enormous debt of gratitude” as they continued working to supply food during the pandemic.

Royal Family tree

Royal Family tree (Image: EXPRESS)

Charles admitted the Covid-19 crisis had “brought home how much we rely on our agricultural community”.

He told Country Life last year, that their hard work shouldn’t be taken for granted, adding: “When was the last time anyone gave the availability of a bottle of milk, or a loaf of bread, or fresh vegetables a second thought?

“Suddenly, these things are precious and valued. And this is how it always should be.

“Food does not happen by magic. If the past few weeks have proved anything, it is that we cannot take it for granted.”


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