Prince Harry snubbed on BBC Radio 4 as John Humphrys refused interview | UK | News (Reports)


The Welsh presenter said he wanted to ask “embarrassing” questions that the Prince’s “minders” would have disliked. In December 2017, Prince Harry was guest editor on the BBC programme, which saw him interview his own father, Prince Charles, and former US president Barack Obama. Mr Humphrys said: “He was invited to be the guest editor of the Today programme nearly three years ago and used it, unsurprisingly, to deliver messages close to his heart.

It was a move Humphrys called “PR suicide”, as he wrote: “Harry and Meghan bought it from a Russian oligarch who has allegedly threatened to chop up his wife.

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“Maybe they didn’t know about that. Maybe it’s just rotten luck.”

Referring to the recently released biography Finding Freedom, which the couple has denied any involvement in, he called it a “spectacular own goal”.

He said: “The title, Finding Freedom, was disconcertingly suggestive of Nelson Mandela’s great autobiography Long Walk To Freedom.

“In Mandela’s case, it was freedom from 27 years in jail and a life lived under an inhuman apartheid regime.
In Harry and Meghan’s case, it was freedom from … what exactly?”

Mr Humphrys, a lifelong republican, also revealed there were some talks about him interviewing Prince Charles, but the heir to the throne “only wanted to talk about trees” so it was “no deal”.

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He also iinterviewed Prince Phillip on his 70th birthday.

He said: “It was pretty boring except for a section when he got very cross because I’d asked him why the Queen hadn’t helped him out when he had to sell his racing yacht because of the expensive upkeep. The Palace complained and the BBC cut it out.”

He said he has repeatedly requested to interview Queen Elizabeth and although the monarch “listened politely”, she declined.

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Meghan Markle gave royal fans a first glimpse inside her and Prince Harry’s new Santa Barbara home during a video call on Friday.

Fans could get a glimpse of Meghan and Harry’s new home in the background which was mostly decorated in a cream palette.

Meghan spoke from a cream armchair and there were white orchids resting on the table beside her.

Prince Harry and Meghan returned to her homeland in March, following their bombshell announcement that they would be stepping down as senior royals.


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