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William’s relationship with his younger brother Harry has been under the microscope in recent years amid reports of furious feuds between the two. After the Duke of Sussex suddenly announced that he and Meghan Markle wanted to “step back” from royal life, the Royal Family was caught unawares and had to scramble to find a solution. At the now-famous Sandringham Summit, William, Harry and Charles worked with the Queen to outline how the Sussexes could extract themselves from the monarchy — while rising above the emotional blow which accompanied Harry and Meghan’s actions.

While the details of the Sandringham exchange have been kept under lock and key, an unearthed interview with William, Harry and Charles has given some insight into what happened behind closed doors.

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The three used to play polo together at Highgrove and they once discussed their competitive spirit during an interview with Ant and Dec.

William agreed that “tempers get a bit frayed” over polo.

He noted: “We work well as a team because we’re all sort of thinking roughly alike — but when you do something wrong, there’s two very stern faces looking at you.

“And then you get the b******ing afterwards.”

Both brothers are thought to have strong tempers, although neither have really been seen in public.

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The televised interview from 2006 was in honour of the 30th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust, the charitable vehicle Charles founded in his youth.

The clip also serves as a throwback to a time when there was a strong bond between the brothers.

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When Charles admitted that he no longer plays polo with the then 22-year-old Harry and 24-year-old William, the two leapt at the chance to mock their father.

William joked: “We decided that the pressure of playing with his two sons was too much, we’re too good for him.”

Harry then gestured to his heart and pretended to gasp, implying Charles had poor health. All three royals grinned at the exchange.

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Interestingly, it was at a polo match last August that the brothers’ deteriorating relationship seemed obvious to observers.

Royal author Robert Lacey claimed in his new book, Battle of Brothers, that the Duke of Cambridge was so angry at his brother’s so-called ‘declaration of independence’ that he effectively “un-brothered him”.

William also reportedly refused to sit through lunch with his sibling before the Summit began.

Harry has since moved to California, and it is assumed by many that their relationship is yet to improve.


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