Princess Anne carries out very important engagement ahead of England entering lockdown | Royal | News (Reports)


Princess Anne, 70, carries out hundreds of engagements every year and the dedicated royal gave Britons a morale boost on Tuesday by making an important visit. The Princess Royal met staff at CambCol laboratories which has adapted the work it does to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

While CambCol scientists usually create products to help dress wounds, they have switched to making hand sanitiser to help during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Princess Anne’s visit was clearly designed to shed light on some of the heartening work going in England despite the coronavirus crisis.

CambCol shared photos of the royal tour on Twitter, tweeting: “We were pleased to be visited by HRH The Princess Royal today to open our new building here in Littleport, Ely.

“It was an excellent opportunity for HRH to see our new premises including a tour of our laboratory and new temporary structure.”

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Judi added: “With what looks like a total lack of vanity, Anne has tied the higher strings on the top of her head before setting off on a tour of the factory.

“Standing in the reception area her body pose suggests total confidence and even a trait of natural leadership as she stands upright and symmetric, with her splayed hands gesticulating in a questioning or briefing gesture while she uses engaging eye contact.

“The size of her stride as she walks with her host suggests a speedy determination here, although she still turns her gaze on him in what looks like an active listening pose that suggests genuine interest and engagement.”

Last Saturday Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that England would go into a nationwide four-week lockdown from Thursday, November 5.

During this time, Royal Family members are expected to remain behind doors rather than continuing with face to face engagements.

This being the case, it seems likely Princess Anne’s latest royal visit could be her last until December.


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