Princess Diana humiliated: Royal ‘made to feel terrible’ as no support shown after mistake | Royal | News (Reports)


Princess Diana felt the Royal Family did not show her the support as she struggled to embrace her new role as a senior working royals, a new documentary has suggested. Biographer Tom Quinn suggested the institution had failed to provide the young royal with the help and instructions she would need to settle down. Speaking to Channel 5 documentary “Royal Wives at War”, Mr Quinn said: “If she made a mistake, she was made to feel terrible. 

“There was none of that kind of support where people said, ‘look, we know it’s difficult. Don’t worry if you make a few mistakes’.”

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Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond noted Diana had been left without a close confidante because of concerns of potential leaks about her personal experience reaching the media.

Ms Bond said: “When you enter the Royal Family, there are very few people you may confide in.

“Anybody could go to the newspapers because you’re the hottest story in town.

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“Diana felt that Fergie was a safe pair of hands and that her secrets were going to be secure with her.”

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The lack of a close ally within the Royal Family reportedly pushed Diana into attempting to bring friend Sarah Ferguson into the royal household as a lady-in-waiting.

Commentator Katie Nicholl suggested the Princess of Wales appreciated Fergie’s ability to “make her laugh” despite her emotional struggle with her new role.

Ms Nicholl said: “They would frequently meet for lunch, often twice a week. 

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“And I think Diana became dependent on Fergie because of that encouragement to believe in herself. And they became much closer at that point.”

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Attempts to have Fergie become Princess Diana’s lady-in-waiting however failed as the Palace refused to let a “loose cannon” so close to the prospective future queen.

While the Princess of Wales is believed to have resented the courties for their rejection, she later contributed to introducing Sarah Ferguson to Prince Andrew by inviting her to attend Ascot with her in 1985.

Sarah and Andrew were seen “clicking” right away and the pair announced their engagement within months of meeting again at the races.


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