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The woman said she has never been “so scared for my life” after a man jumped out of his white van and grabbed her nine-month-old Lhasa Apso puppy, who she was cradling in her arms. She said she has been left “angry and shaken” following the incident in the Harlaxton Road area in Grantham, Lincolnshire, on Friday.

The woman said during the attempt the man put his “hands tightly around my dog’s neck” and was forced to “wrestle” him back from the would-be thief who “wasn’t letting go”.

She said the terrifying incident took place after the man jumped out of his van and asked her for directions to McDonalds.

After giving him directions, she says the man attempted to snatch her puppy as he walked on an extended lead, which prompted her to pick him up.

She posted on social media: “My dog was on an extended lead but was luckily walking by my feet and he tries to grab my puppy.

“I scooped him up just before they did and they then tried to grab him from my arms with their hands tightly around my dog’s neck.

“Had to wrestle them for my puppy.

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“I still wasn’t letting go, I’ve never ever been so scared for my life so angry and shaken!”

She said her puppy had been left a “little shaken” following the incident.

She added: “My puppy’s luckily okay just little shaken and they never succeeded as someone walking past spooked them thank god else I’m not sure I’ll have my baby now!!

“Please be careful guys I don’t normally walk my dog at night and the one time I did this has spooked me.”

Lincolnshire Police told Lincolnshire Live there had been a number reports of suspicious incidents in the area on November 21.

A spokesman said: “We did speak to the occupants of a white van who were offering driveway cleaning.

“This was in response to incident 231 of November 19, where there were concerns that a man was being overcharged for work.

“No offences were uncovered and the agreed work was cancelled.

“There were three other reports in the area of suspicious tradespeople.

“We would urge anyone who has concerns, or sees any suspicious activity in the area to call 101.”

Additional reporting by Emily White


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