Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘vulnerable childhood’ among ‘fascinating insights’ to feed new novel | Royal | News (Reports)


Princess Elizabeth and Margaret’s lives underwent a dramatic change following the abdication of their uncle Edward VIII and their father’s sudden succession to the throne.

Crawfie was with the Princesses during this stressful time as lived with them when they were based Windsor Castle during the Second World War.

During this time, Ms Holden claims the Governess applied her knowledge of child psychology to the two young princesses and found Princess Elizabeth to exhibit potential signs of Obsessive Compulsion.

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Ms Holden writes: “In writing my book, I was able to draw on her fascinating insights, such as Princess Elizabeth exhibiting signs of what could be called obsessive compulsion today.”

 “At night she would only go to bed after grooming and ‘feeding’ more than 30 separate toy horses.

“She would set her brogues just so, laces ruler-straight, and even get out of bed in the night to check their position.

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“It’s a touching glimpse of our composed monarch as a vulnerable girl, desperate to impose order on a world beyond her control.”

She added: “Her knowledge of psychology meant Crawfie understood this, but there was little reciprocal empathy.

“As her youth drained away, and with it her chance of romance and a family of her own, she attempted several times to leave. But she was rebuffed by her royal employers.”

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