Royal Mail unveils FOUR new special stamps to celebrate Britain’s greatest strengths | UK | News (Reports)


The new stamps represent Britain’s sporting achievements, technological innovations, the creative industries and a strong sense of community spirit. The four stamps are brightly coloured and form the Union Flag when they are shown side-by-side.

They will be printed on a miniature sheet with a colour version of the Union Flag.

The new stamps explore just four of the ways in which Britain leads the way.

Philip Parker, Royal Mail, said: “There are so many great things about the UK, not least our contribution to the wider world.

“This stamp issue pays tribute to just a few of the things for which the UK is best known – sporting achievement, technological innovation, creative industries and a strong sense of community spirit.

“These colourful stamps are a celebration of these islands and the people who call them home.”

The sporting stamp celebrates Britain as a proud and passionate sporting nation.

The UK has produced ten Formula 1 champions, more than any other country and excels in a number of other sports, including cycling, athletic and tennis.

Britain is also the birthplace of football and cricket, which both feature on the stamp.

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Community spirit is celebrated in the top right stamp, where a rainbow, which became a symbol of hope at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a love heart and street party are shown.

The stamp marks the togetherness of the British people in celebration, remembrance and in times of uncertainty.

For example, the Royal Mail hope to draw from popular events such as royal anniversaries, major sporting occasions, and national events that characterise the British way of life.

The final stamp marks the creative industrials, a field where the UK is a world leader.

Britain is well known for its successful music industry, producing international stars such as The Beatles, Elton John and Queen.

The UK is also world-leading in its production of film and TV programmes, as well as providing quality literature and architecture.

The stamps will go on sale from January 26, 2021 and will be available to buy in a Presentation Pack which will retail at £6.

They will be available at, by phone on 03457 641641 and at 7,000 Post Offices across the UK.


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