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King Harald V shared his view on the future of the Norwegian monarchy and what kind of a sovereign his son Crown Prince Haakon will become. The monarch spoke with optimism about the future ahead for his country’s Crown. 

This positive outlook comes from the faith he has in his son Haakon, who has recently demonstrated he can successfully step into his father’s shoes whenever needed.

Speaking about the heir apparent to the throne, King Harald wrote in his upcoming book: “He has become a friend and co-worker.

“He asks me for advice and I get advice from him.

“The relationship has become closer and closer. He is a wise guy. 

“I am so lucky that it is Crown Prince Haakon who will be Norway’s future.”

King Harald appeared to suggest he has no intention to step down as monarch anytime soon, despite his recent health scare.

He said: “He has been with me all my time as King and has been involved all the time.


“Then he can take what he wants with him, and change what he wants when I am no longer here.”

The Norwegian monarchy has never experienced an abdication and the idea of a sovereign giving up his duty is widely frowned upon among both the country’s citizens and the royals.

King Harald, who ascended to the throne in 1991, has been on sick leave since late September, when he was hospitalised after experiencing breathing difficulties.

The royal, who tested negative to coronavirus, left the hospital in Oslo after a few days and was initially scheduled to resume his duties on October 4. 

However, hours before he was due to lead the Council of State, his palace announced King Harald was extending his sick leave.

A brief statement issued by his staff read: “His Majesty the King is still under medical investigation and sick leave has been extended.”

On October 9, the monarch underwent surgery to replace a heart valve from an operation in 2005.

The surgery was successful, the palace later revealed in a statement.

It read: “His Majesty the King is doing well after yesterday’s intervention.  

“The King has had a short walk, and the condition is good, says the King’s doctor, chief physician Bjørn Bendz at the Cardiovascular and Vascular Clinic at Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet.”

Crown Prince Haakon also opened up on his father’s surgery, saying the monarch was “fine”.

Speaking to reporters during a royal engagement in the city of Trondheim, the prince said: “Both the doctors and my father are happy, and he is in good recovery it seems.

“I would like to thank the entire team from the hospital with Bjørn Bendz, the King’s doctor, in the lead who has done an incredible job.

“We knew they were very good, but still it was very nice to know that everything went well.”

King Harald was eventually discharged from hospital last week, on October 12, and is set to remain at the Crown’s winter residence in Kongsseteren for the next few days.     


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