Sturgeon savaged by economist as he lists six reasons ‘proving’ Indy campaign a ‘mirage’ | UK | News (Reports)


Eben Wilson said the “noise within our Neverendum produces a lot of heat and light, but not much insight” as he launched a damning assessment of the Nationalist campaign. He said the SNP was pushing a campaign based on a “vacuous aspiration to fairness and equality” which was actually based on “insular nativist nationalism”.

He highlighted six points, which he said he hoped would be “considered by all younger people becoming persuaded by the all-pervading rubric of SNP statism”.

Mr Wilson, an economist who has had a career in journalism and broadcasting, said ripping Scotland from the UK would be a “terrible” idea, and the Union in fact “preserved historic differences”.

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Branding it “huge mistake”, he warned Scotland leaving the UK “would make every young Scot poorer in mind and money for many years, if not for ever”.

Writing for Think Scotland, he said: “Leaving the United Kingdom would be a terrible retrogade step for the heritage and liberality in ideas that made us who we are.

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“The union also preserves historic differences; no-one in power tries to wipe out localised allegiances.

“In many nations, such differences would be smoothed out; there would be centralised control of language, entertainment, eating habits and games.

“We are allowed in the UK to be mildly tribal, while avoiding prejudicial tribalism.

“Dropping this unity for the sake of a vacuous aspiration to fairness and equality that is based on insular nativist nationalism would not only be a huge mistake, it would cause each and every Scot (and Briton) enormous personal and reputational damage.

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He said: “The young in our country are free to listen to whom they want; and act accordingly, but I think it would be a great pity if they ended up voting for a false prospectus that caused them many years of grief and impoverishment, especially if this has been taught to them at school and university.”


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