Tony Blair abruptly cut off by BBC host after fiery clash over coronavirus UK mass testing | UK | News (Reports)


The key to reviving the UK’s economy and getting the country back to work is to establish a mass testing regime for COVID-19, a report from the Tony Blair Institute has recommended. The former Prime Minister has been demanding that the Government implement the strategy throughout the coronavirus pandemic. However, as he sought to make his point on the BBC Radio 4’s Today show, the ex-Labour leader was cut off mid-sentence.

Mr Blair said: “Everyone should have a record of what tests they’ve had. If you like, a kind of bio ID.

“That allows them to then present it while they’re travelling.

“I just don’t see how you get international travel going again without regular testing.”

At this point host Sarah Smith cut into the former PM’s answer, ending the interview abruptly, saying: “We’ll need to leave it there. Thank yuo very much for that.”

More to follow…


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