UK unemployment mapped: Where in the UK has been hit hardest by covid job losses? | UK | News (Reports)


Other regions which recorded a higher unemployment rate from May to July compared to January to March include London, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Tom Pickersgill, CEO and co-founder of Orka, commented on the data: “The jobs market has been turned on its head in the last six months, but the story is not the same in every industry and from looking at the data, there are clearly a lot of companies still hiring.

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“I believe that while permanent 9-5 jobs will take time to recover, in the coming months, we will see a massive rise in temporary work arrangements.

“For those who have been unfortunate enough to lose their jobs as a result of covid and are now looking for new work, it’s worth focusing on industries which you know are in good health while also registering on work platforms, which can allow you to start bringing money in without endless applications and interviews.”

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