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Zara, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, is one of only a handful of Royal Family members without a title. The decision came from her parents, Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, who, on Zara’s birth, decided she had a better chance of living a more “normal” life without the title of Princess. Her brother, Peter Phillips, was also stripped of any title as well.

It is true that both Zara and Peter have, in royal terms, lived lives of near obscurity.

While Peter is a successful marketing executive, Zara has gone on to become a champion equestrian.

Her most memorable moment came during the 2012 Olympic Games, in which she competed on home soil in front of a mostly native crowd.

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Among the crowd members included inner members of the Firm: Prince William and Harry, Kate Middleton, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as well as Princess’ Eugenie and Beatrice.

Despite a loving family in full support of her, Zara offered harsh words for her father on looking back at the event.

Mark, at the time, worked on the equestrian team for the US.

In a 60 Minutes Australia interview a few months after the Olympics, she said of this: “My dad was there, but he was on the other side.

“He coaches the Americans.

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JUST INZara Tindall: Why does the Queen’s granddaughter not have a title?

In particular, rugby and anything horse-related have often taken centre-stage at charity events and pastimes.

Princess Anne herself was a champion equestrian.

In 1971, she won a gold medal at the European Eventing Championships, and two silver medals at the 1975 games.

Anne was the first royal to have competed in the Olympic Games.

Other royals, such as William and Harry, are known to enjoy playing polo.

The pair have been pictured on numerous occasions competing against each other in charity events.

Harry skipped the annual King Power Royal Charity Polo Day in September, instead staying put in California with his wife Meghan Markle and son Archie.

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Meanwhile, Zara has harnessed her passion for equestrian for good during lockdown.

Over the summer, she helped raise money for the NHS through the Equestrian Relief programme.

Speaking about the event in a video call on BBC Breakfast at the time, Zara said: “We are going to an Equestrian Relief.

“There will be five teams of us doing five tasks and we do two tasks each.

“The tasks are running five kilometres, a plank, bake-off, a piece of art and a hidden talent.”


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