7 Tips When Buying Electric Golf Trolleys, According To Experts


7 Tips When Buying Electric Golf Trolleys, According To Experts

PoliticMag Press Release : November 27, 2020

Convenience. Aesthetics. Eco-friendliness. Having an electric golf trolley is nothing short of a worthy investment for every avid golfer. If you decide to finally buy golf trolley products, we’re rounding up seven essential tips to help you out.

Allocate a budget. Though battery-powered electric trolleys have a higher upfront cost, the benefits they offer can compensate for the initial expense you’d need to pay. This is why it’s important to research the model and brand you want to buy to get an insight of how much you’d need to prepare.

Consider the terrain of your golf course. Some golf courses are plain; some are more hilly. If the course you’re playing on is the latter, opting for electric golf trolleys is wiser. These trolleys require minimal effort; hence, you can save more of your energy for your game proper.

Look into the trolley’s operating range. Electric golf trolleys are powered by batteries that vary in the so-called “operating range.” Typically, these trolleys are geared up for 18, 27, or 36 holes. When buying a trolley for yourself, you should take into account the type of golf game you’re frequently playing.

Choose the appropriate battery for you. When you buy golf trolley products, you also have to take note that batteries can also affect the overall weight of your trolley. Though more expensive, lithium batteries only weigh around 5 kilograms and are designed to last longer. A cheaper alternative is a lead acid battery. However, this batter can weigh up to 11 kilogram and takes longer to charge.

Check how you can control the trolley’s speed. The most basic electric golf trolleys have an on-off function equipped with a pre-set level of power. If you want a more sophisticated unit, there are trolleys that have a speed dial that allows easier control. Some also have a braking system and can be controlled remotely.

Know how much storage space you need. Electric golf trolleys are available in different sizes. So before buying one, think of the golf stuff you need to carry around. You should also check if its height is appropriate for you. For convenience purposes, you should choose a unit that’s easy to assemble and can fit into your vehicle.

Determine which extra features you want to have. Electric golf trolleys are known for having more features compared with their traditional counterparts — from distance functions, scorecard holders, shot measurement, GPS, phone holders, USB ports and even rain covers. Depending on your budget and the extra functionalities that will benefit you the most, you have to choose a golf trolley that best matches your parameters.

HillBilly’s electric golf trolley features a unique plug-and-play battery — plus it contains no distracting wires and any other connectors. It also has a smartly incorporated three-way folding system. With its strong yet lightweight aluminum frame and whisper-quiet 200-watt motor, you’re on your way to comfort once you decide to purchase this popular battery golf trolley. Send an enquiry via [email protected] or call them at +44 1795 413830. Know more info at https://www.hillbilly.co.uk.


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