Groundbreaking Covid 19 research turns the medical knowledge of vaccine production upside down!

Groundbreaking Covid 19 research turns the medical knowledge of vaccine production upside down!

Groundbreaking Covid 19 research turns the medical knowledge of vaccine production upside down!

PoliticMag Press Release : November 20, 2020

Corona researcher discovers the previously unknown mechanics of the virus

Sandro Zumpe is a private researcher in the field of mitochondria and genetics. Through intensive research he has found out The virus behaves completely differently to vaccines than previously assumed by the research world. The newly gained knowledge completely undermines the current efforts to develop vaccines.

Alone against a medical superiority

Sandro Zumpe does not see himself as a rebel in the world of medicine. As a researcher who can do completely without staff and high subsidies, he nevertheless faces great challenges.

In view of Sandro Zumpe’s career, it goes without saying that he brings along knowledge that is indispensable in this unprecedented crisis. The physician now has more than 10 years of research experience in the field of mitochondria and genetics.

The most important findings of his work can be found here in a nutshell.

The virus multiplies through the interplay of protein synthesis

The virus oscillates (= has strong oscillations, which has an enormous influence on the interplay of protein synthesis. Specifically, the oscillation is significantly increased in the nucleocapsid region. The change between kinase R and phosphatase 1 is thus greatly increased. The result is an exponentially increasing number of viruses in the body. Covid-19 thus spreads rapidly.

Manipulation and weakening of the body

Important metabolic pathways such as TOR and AMPK determine, among other things, the oxygen content in the blood. Covid-19 manipulates them in a targeted manner and thus impairs vital regulatory mechanisms of the human body.

The negative consequences for humans associated with Covid-19 go even further. For example, the virus interferes with the transport of mRNA into the mitochondria, which means that important information can no longer reach its destination more smoothly. But the import of tRNA is also disrupted. The result is a weakening of mitochondrial protein synthesis.

How the virus handles vaccines

The findings of Sandro Zumpe’s corona research show that the vaccines currently available would be counterproductive. Why is this the case? The virus is structured in such a way that it would become stronger with any currently available vaccine because its RNA uses the ingredients to its advantage.

Therefore, all efforts to circulate vaccines currently in experimental stage should be stopped immediately. A practical application of the vaccines available today to large parts of the population would be the biggest failure in the history of modern medicine.


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