Health-OS release for Luxury HealthWatches

Health-OS release for Luxury HealthWatches

Health-OSTM is a new operating system from AdvaaH for its luxury HealthWatchTM products. Based on the Linux distribution and in particular the NixOS build it enables, state-of-the-art secure,
reliable operating system facilitating:
1. the user with complete control of the HealthWatch enabling personal integrity fully.
2. stable and reliable shell environment ensuring trustworthy/uncorrupted health diagnostic data is obtained and presented continuously.
Further, based on the Nix build package structure, makes the upgrading procedure completely reliable. Being Linux open source based, a user may develop their HealthWatch as to their own needs and desires; if the additional build fails for unknown reason, the user can revert back to the
previous version of Health-OS instantly.
The Health-OS platform will eventually be available to communicate with other Linux based
systems as Smartphones (Ubuntu Touch) and Laptops/PC’s (Ubuntu,Debian, Mint etc.). Apps may be installed to the HealthWatch from the OpenStore and Snapcraft.


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