12 minute covid test: How does the 12-minute covid test work and how to get a test | UK | News (Reports)


Seb James, Boots’ UK managing director, said the testing service was being introduced in a bid to ease the burden on the NHS.

He said: “Boots has supported the government’s Covid-19 testing programme from the very start and offering this new in-store service is the next step in our efforts to fight against the pandemic.

“We hope that by offering this testing option in local community stores, Boots can help ease pressure on the NHS and the government by providing additional access to testing and crucial reassurances for people across the UK.”

The accuracy of the 48-hour test is more than 99 percent.

However, the 12-minute test is estimated to be between 97 and 98 percent according to Mr James.

He told Sky News: “It is slightly less accurate (than the 48-hour test) but not so much that it matters.”


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