36th Universal Periodic Review: UK statement on Maldives

Rita French

The United Kingdom recognises Maldives’ progress since its 2015 review, most notably in the field of consolidating democracy, improving governance and promoting respect for human rights.

The UK commends Maldives for a number of legislative reforms, which have further embedded democratic principles, including seeking to strengthen judicial independence.

We welcome the peaceful conduct of parliamentary elections in 2019, but remain concerned that women are under-represented in Parliament.

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We recommend that Maldives:

  1. Strengthen existing national legislation to ensure that all modern slavery crimes are fully criminalised in line with international conventions, including human trafficking, slavery as a standalone offence, child prostitution, forced marriage, and the involvement of children in armed conflict.

  2. Adopt an open, merit-based process when selecting national candidates for UN Treaty Body elections.

  3. Expand and protect space for civil society organisations to operate in order to promote social cohesion.

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Thank you.

Published 4 November 2020


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