A-level results 2020: Is E a pass at A levels, Is D a pass? | UK | News (Reports)


Cambridge Assessment states students who attain grades between A* and E will get their A-levels.

Examiners AQA explained: “From 2010 to present a pass in an Advanced GCE subject is indicated by one of the six grades A(a), A(a), B(b), C(c), D(d), E(e), of which A(a) is the highest and E(e) the lowest.

“A pass in an Advanced GCE with Advanced Subsidiary GCE (additional) subject is indicated by one of the ten double grades AA(aa), AA(aa), AB(ab), BB(bb), BC(bc), CC(cc), CD(cd), DD(dd), DE(de), EE(ee) of which grade AA(aa) is the highest and grade EE(ee) the lowest.

“Results have the same status as one Advanced GCE single-certification subject and one Advanced Subsidiary GCE single certification subject.”


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