A5 traffic latest: A5 closed as police respond to ‘DEADLY’ incident in Maida Vale | UK | News (Reports)


POLICE attended a scene in Maida Vale in the early hours of this morning to reports of someone acting suspiciously.

Reports from the scene claim someone had poured “petrol” at the entrace of a residential building.

Police confirmed a “spillage” to Express.co.uk, adding there had been one arrest.

There were also claims of a ‘gas leak’ and an injury in the area, though police confirmed neither of these claims were true.

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The situation has now been resolved, it is understood, though the road remains closed.

A social media user at the scene snapped photos of emergency vehicles attending Maida Vale’s Tolgase House earlier tonight, including at least two fire engines.

The user said: “Apparently petrol poured at the entrance! Emergency services have been here for hours with Killburn High Road closed.”

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