Alterations to services – trade marks and designs

Published 27 March 2020

Last updated 7 September 2020
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  1. Deleted information on registration of the backlog by end of August as this is now complete.

  2. Extra information added about the length of time taking to examine TM applications currently

  3. Updated because of the end of interrupted days

  4. Update on the situation with posting and adding in information on process for registering trade marks at the end of interrupted days

  5. Additional paragraph included – Applications for professional representation.

  6. Edited sections on registration, International designations and publishing in the trade mark journal to reflect the latest position – specifically on the limited ability to print and post.

  7. We have updated our information on filing relating to interrupted days.

  8. Updated information on time periods for reply, replying to us, publishing in the trade marks journal, registration and certificates, and international designs and applications.

  9. Information on alterations to services – trade marks and designs updated.

  10. First published.


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