An update for the Grenfell community about Grenfell Tower and the future memorial


As the owner of the Grenfell Tower site, the government wants to engage with bereaved family members, survivors, local residents and the North Kensington community, on decisions and activity relating to the Tower.

A decision has not yet been made about what will happen to the Tower. We don’t underestimate how difficult this decision will be, particularly for bereaved families. We want to hear your views before a decision is made, and to ensure you are supported to have your say.

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Kaizen, a community engagement specialist, is helping the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to hear thoughts and ideas from bereaved family members, survivors, local residents and the North Kensington community, about the Tower. At the same time, Kaizen is also helping the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission to hear from people about the future memorial.

If you have not yet shared your views and would like to, you can do this in whichever way suits you best:

  • Email your views to: [email protected]
  • Call: 020 7082 5505 or text 07984 434855 to arrange a phone conversation. (Conversations can be carried out in a range of languages if that would be helpful.)
  • Write to: Kaizen, 22a Cliff Villas, London NW1 9AT.
  • Or complete an online survey
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As well as giving your views to Kaizen, you can also reach out to the MHCLG team directly, who can answer any questions you have:

Email: [email protected] or phone: 0303 444 0011

Click here to receive automatic updates about Grenfell Tower from MHCLG.

You can also contact the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission directly and find out about the memorial ideas they have heard so far on their website.

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The attached letter provides further information.


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