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The veteran broadcaster sparked praise on social media for showing “zero mercy” in his coverage of the US election. Earlier today Mr Neil heavily criticised Donald Trump for already claiming to have won the 2020 presidential race, before the result had been officially declared.

Mr Neil led the BBC’s US election coverage from 11.30pm last night until 9am this morning alongside Katty Kay, who presents BBC World News America.

Social media users have highly praised the presenter for his “brilliant” coverage of the election and for raising the standards of the BBC – which often comes under fire for impartiality and bias.

One person wrote: “Would love to watch @afneil but don’t want to give my view to the Biased Broadcasting Company.”

But another user responded and said: “I hear you, but Andrew is doing a great job of lifting the BBC standard.

“Katty also extremely good – worth a watch.”

Other users commended the broadcasters for their excellent journalism skills.

One person wrote: “@afneil is the best and pretty damn smart.”

Another user responded: “I’m loving it. He’s just apoplectic as to how America has let this happen.

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Another user said: “American pundits cannot handle the robust questioning of @afneil.

“Still the best in the game. He’s probably the only one I miss watching on TV.”

During this morning’s coverage Mr Neil acted with astonishment when the incumbent President declared he had won the race to the White House.

Mr Trump said: “As far as I am concerned we already have won.”

He added: “We were getting ready to win this election, frankly we did win this election.”

Mr Trump made the comments despite incomplete results from several battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia.

Mr Trump also claimed, without evidence, there is a “fraud on the American nation” and said he will go to the Supreme Court to get vote counting stopped.

He said “a very sad group of people” is trying to disenfranchise millions of his supporters who voted for him.

The presenter acted with fury when Nigel Farage defended the President during the BBC’s election coverage.


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