Animal medicine improvement notice: Wynnstay Group


This notice was served to Wynnstay Group by a VMD Inspector during an unannounced inspection.

The following contravened the Veterinary Medicines Regulation (VMR) 2013:

Failure to comply with Schedule 5, paragraph 5(2) of the VMR, specifically with regards to the Feed Hygiene Regulations (EC183/2005) which requires feed processing and storage facilities, equipment, containers, crates, vehicles and their immediate surrounds to be kept clean and effective pest control programmes to be implemented.

The improvements required are:

  • perimeters cleaned
  • disposal of rubbish
  • neglected areas and gaps allowing vermin entry attended to
  • fat leakages repaired
  • water ingress
  • residue build up removed

Published 21 October 2020


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