Animal medicines seizure notice: Susan Bello-Pearson, Dezinerbullz Ltd (1)


This notice is published following the conclusion of an investigation case

The following products were seized by Defra Investigation Services (DIS) as part of an investigation case and under the execution of a search warrant.

  • Blister pack containing 10 tablets labelled Synulox 250mg – not on SN
  • Blister pack containing 9 tablets labelled Ronaxan 100mg
  • Blister pack with 10 empty cells labelled Ronaxan 100mg
  • 3 boxes labelled Noroclav 250mg tablets for dogs
  • Blister pack containing 4 tablets labelled Noroclav 250mg for Dogs
  • Blister pack containing 4 tablets labelled Noroclav 500mg for Dogs
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The medicines listed above are all Prescription Only Medicine – Veterinary (POM-V). They are all antibiotic treatments for dogs.

Unauthorised possession and administration of POM-V veterinary medicines are offences under Regulation 7 (Classification, supply and possession of the product) and Regulation 8 (Administration of the product) of the VMR.

  • 1 box containing a bottle and syringe labelled Leventa 30ml
  • 4 bags (1 open) labelled Doxanin 100mg
  • 1 box containing 4 tablets labelled Aniprantel Tabletta
  • 1 box labelled Aniprantel Tabletta
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These products are non-UK veterinary product. They can only be administered to animals under Schedule 4 (Administration of a veterinary medicinal product outside the terms of a marketing authorisation) of the VMR by vets who have the animals under their care and have obtained a Special Import Certificate (SIC) to obtained the product.

The possession of these products is an offence under Regulation 26 (Possession of an unauthorised veterinary medicinal product) of the VMR. The administration of these products is an offence under Regulation 8(Administration of the product) of the VMR.

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Details regarding the prosecution of this case can be found under the heading Prosecution published in October 2020.

Published 28 October 2020


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