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A picture taken on Sunday afternoon shows a number people congregating in social groups near Bath Abbey. The image was captured from the property of a disgruntled resident shortly before 4pm and shows around 20 people sat on benches outside the historical church, while a musician performs in the middle of the square. Those gathered in Abbey Courtyard are sat socially-distanced in groups of no more than two and three.

However, socialising outside is not permitted under the current coronavirus lockdown rules in place around the country.

Local resident Aida Lirola claimed people were acting as if there was not a pandemic going on and were sat eating, drinking and listening to live music.

Ms Lirola said the scenes reminded her of what things were like before the virus struck and branded the behaviour as “irresponsible”.

Speaking to SomersetLive, she said: “I cannot believe it. This photo is taken from my house Sunday, February 21 in full lockdown.

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“People [out] as if there were no Covid, with musician included.

“This happened around 3.30pm, people were sitting down drinking coffee, eating and talking, and enjoying the music of a person who was there playing music.

“There were more people passing through that area, it honestly reminded me of any Sunday before the pandemic.

“I do not understand how irresponsible human beings can be, it is known that they are only allowed to go out for the essentials and do sports for one hour, not sitting down for coffee.”

“It’s a confusing picture but that is not one of the reasons you should be out and about. I think some people meet up for a walk and then sit and have a coffee, I can see how it happens as people want to catch up with friends.

“We’ve worked hard with Bath and North East Somerset Council to put up signs explaining this on some of the benches in the city centre where this was happening.

“Places like the Abbey Courtyard we’ve had to disperse groups of 20 to 30 people and Victoria Park.”

(Additional reporting by Emma Elgee)


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