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Today on Twitter Mr Galloway wrote: “Britain’s broadcast media, particularly the BBC, iS too woke, too middle class and too determined to see the worst in Britain over Brexit and over separatism. Andrew Neil is right about that. That’s why there’s so much squealing coming from the troughs.”

A supporter of Mr Galloway replied saying: “All these liberal trendies weren’t standing shoulder to shoulder with the miner’s back in 1984 were they, George.

“But their love affair with the EU knows no limits.”

Mr Galloway echoed the opinion of former BBC presenter Andrew Neil who is now an integral part of GB News.

GB News is an upcoming British television news channel due to launch early in 2021 on Freeview, Sky, and Virgin Media.

Andrew Neil has set out an “anti-woke” vision for the channel.

This has caused the burgeoning news channel to become the target for an attempted advertising boycott prompted by the campaign group Stop Funding Hate.

Writing in the Sunday Express Mr Neil defended his vision for GB News.

Mr Neil said he had joined the new organisation because “I believe the direction of news debate in Britain is increasingly woke”.

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“They feel left out and unheard.

“There’s a restlessness, a sense that they’re being talked down to.

“There is the sense that much of the media no longer reflects their values or shares their concerns.

“GB News is aimed squarely at those people.”

Mr Neil has a great vision for the channel he said: “We will build a community, with programmes led by journalists and commentators with warmth, character, knowledge, humour and yes, at times, some edge.

“We will not operate on the assumption that every problem demands a government solution

“Or that every solution must necessarily involve more taxpayers’ money.

“We will even broadcast the good news, perish the thought!

“Seriously, we believe the British appetite for endless gloom, doom, blame, and divisive argument is waning.

“People feel battered and exhausted by it.”


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