Queen furious at Sarah Ferguson over ‘vulgar’ showcase ahead of special Royal Family event | Royal | News (Reports)


Sarah Ferguson caused concern amongst the Queen and the Royal Family ahead of her marriage to Prince Andrew. Channel 5’s documentary: ‘When Sarah Ferguson Met the Monarchy,’ saw royal experts Tom Quinn and Lizzie Cundy discuss Fergie’s hen party. They also discussed the apprehension of the Queen and the Royal Family following the evening.

Mr Quinn said: “Apparently they were lying on the floor and bottles of champagne were being fired in every direction.

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“I mean I think it was a bit of a riot.”

Ms Cundy also reflected on a practical joke played by Fergie and her friend during the hen night.

She said: “What the girls then did, as Prince Andrew was coming back from his stag-do, as he was about to enter Buckingham Palace, they got the policeman to stop him getting in.

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“Prince Andrew was then forced to start reversing back.

“This is one hen do I wish I had been on, let me tell you.

“Fergie found it so funny but sadly a few of the royals weren’t laughing so much.

“They did get in quite a bit of trouble about it.”

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“This is because it leads in all sorts of dangerous directions.”

Royal expert Richard Kay added: “Ron Ferguson, of course, would have said she is very much a chip off her father’s block.

“He loved mischief-making and if it helped his daughter relax ahead of the big day I think he would have very much been in favour of it.


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