BBC backlash: Corporation plug Labour Party analysis despite crushing election defeat | UK | News (Reports)


Last night BBC Two featured a Newsnight episode titled ‘Labour Party: Keir Starmer’s Road to Power’, which shone a light on the opposition party’s new leader. But the broadcaster has been criticised for “fawning over” Sir Keir and playing political ”propaganda”.

The BBC publicised the Newsnight episode on its social media channels today, and wrote: “For 90 years out of its 120-year existence, the Labour Party has lingered in opposition.

“Policy Editor @lewis_goodall explores the story of the man who could be prime minister of the UK — and what that road to power may entail.”

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The clip is just over 14 minutes long and features commentary from key players in the Labour Party, such as former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and Len McCluskey, the General Secretary of Unite the Union and a major donor to the party.

But the episode, that aired at 11.45pm last night, has been heavily criticised on Twitter.

Many social media users questioned why the BBC were shining the spotlight on the opposition party, with some even claiming it was leftist propaganda.

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One person wrote: “Did bbc2 news night just do a political broadcast for Keir Starmer?”

Another user said: “Whichever side of the fence your sitting on with the Keir Starmer issue we can’t let #Newsnight play propaganda.”

A third said: “The BBC is a left wing activist organisation.”

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One person said: “He will never be PM, too much of a wet flannel sat on the fence.”

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A second person wrote: “Waste of time as it will never happen!”

A third fumed: “Yet another Labour leader that bends any which way he thinks the wind is blowing.

“But got it so, so wrong last time round.

“The people of this country aren’t as stupid as he seems to think they are.”

Another person wrote: “He’ll never be the PM of Great Britain ever..”


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