BBC fury: Pensioners left ‘petrified and in tears’ over ‘threatening’ licence fee letters | UK | News (Reports)


The elderly people have been sent letters from the public service broadcaster listing fines. The number of letters sent to pensioners escalates if they do not answer the first one. The letters have large red capital letters informing the recipient could face prosecution if they do not pay for a television licence.

One of the letters sent – which was shared on social media – read: “Our records show your property has no TV licence.

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“I visited today, to find out why.”

A follow-up letter stated: “You have not replied to our letters.

“So my visit today was the next stage of the official investigation into why your address doesn’t have a TV licence.”

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A third person commented: “They did this to my 64-year-old father.

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“I had a pile of threatening BBC licence letters six inches high.

“Nothing happened but it worried my father’.

One Twitter user, Britney, from Glasgow, says she has a TV but does not watch the BBC.

Sharing a picture of the letter, she added: “Absolutely f***ing wild how threatening the TV licence letters are.”

Another Twitter user said: “Thanks for sending a really threatening letter for cancelling my direct debit, even though my licence is paid for and valid until April 2021.”

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A TV Licensing spokesperson previously said: “Fine levels are a matter for the court and are not set by TV Licensing. On conviction magistrates take an individual’s circumstances into account before the penalty is set, and TV Licensing has a duty to make the public aware of the potential consequences.” has contacted the BBC for comment.


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