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In August, the free TV licence fee was crapped for over-75s, sparking uproar across the country. The broadcaster has also been accused by several Tory MPs of being politically biased against right-wing politics. With that in mind, in today’s exclusive poll, we’re asking readers, “Is the BBC worth the £157.50 per year licence fee?”

Last month, the BBC was heavily criticised following the raft of new salaries handed out to certain stars.

In accounts published last month, the BBC reported staff salaries had risen by 3.4 percent to £1.5billion this year.

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Within the rise of in salaries for the broadcaster, BBC Radio 2 presenter, Zoe Ball received a £990,000 increase in her pay.

While director-general, Tim Davie, defended the huge rise, this comes as more than three million households had to begin to pay the licence fee in August due to the removal of the free licence for over-75s plan.

Last month, MP for Shipley, Phillip Davies also accused the broadcaster of focusing on left-wing views, as opposed to providing balance.

He said on the Chopper Politics podcast: “It’s not just biased against the Government, it’s also Brexit. The BBC was virtually campaigning to overturn the referendum result.

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“They still haven’t done one programme exploring the opportunities of Brexit.

“This is basically a left-wing organisation that is out of touch with the rest of the country.”

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In total, 520 jobs will be cut from the BBC’s estimated 6,000 workforce.

Within that batch of cuts, the broadcaster had also announced 450 job losses in January.

Although these cuts were then suspended, it is all part of an overall strategy to save £80million by 2022.

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In a bid to salvage relations with Westminster, the broadcaster will also hire a new public affairs chief.

Heading the BBC’s corporate and public affairs strategy, the person will report directly to Mr Davie.

The person will also use their links to convince ministers of the importance of a reasonable and sustainable licence fee.

According to PR Week, the position will be modelled on the Director of Strategy and Digital held by James Purnell in 2013.

Although the BBC has not set a salary for this position, if the claim is correct, this position could receive close to £300,000.


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