BBC Question Time host Fiona Bruce under fire as viewers rage ‘It’s not casual Friday!’ | UK | News (Reports)


Social media users took to Twitter claiming to be “outraged” by Ms Bruce’s choice of footwear. One Twitter user wrote: “TRAINERS!!! This is BBC Question Time MPs .. serious subjects ..important issues and Fiona wears a pair of trainers!”

Another user said: “Fiona Bruce wearing trainers!! – It’s not casual Friday yet Ms Bruce.”

While a third wrote: “Fiona Bruce wearing trainers on Question Time!? I’m genuinely outraged!”

A fourth user jokingly posted: “Great to see Fiona Bruce wearing trainers…… were you late leaving the gym.”

In 2016, viewers started to notice Ms Bruce’s shoe choice when she presented the BBC 10 O’Clock News.

Some of her colleagues were quick to support the journalist’s comfy choice of footwear.

TV presenter Steph McGovern tweeted at the time: “Fiona Bruce is wearing trainers in the studio on the Ten O’Clock news!

“Right, that’s the green light for my Converse on Monday.”

Despite viewers’ outrage at Ms Bruce’s footwear, the Question Time host had a genuine reason for wearing the casual shoes.

In 2016, Ms Bruce was reportedly recovering from breaking her foot in a trampoline accident.


On Thursday night, some social media users took to Twitter to defend Ms Bruce’s trainers.

One user said: “Fiona Bruce is wearing trainers and twitter is having a meltdown Get a grip people. It makes f*** all difference.”

Another user tweeted: “Love Fiona Bruce in her trainers on Question Time.”

Ms Bruce was joined by Conservative MP Mark Harper, Labour MP Nadia Whittome, Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran, Public Health Professor Linda Bauld and Businessman Peter Borg-Neal on Thursday night.


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