Boohoo shopper finds spider ‘the size of her bulldog’ in parcel – VIDEO | UK | News (Reports)


Frankie Sharp got more than she bargained for this week when an eight-legged creature came with her new Boohoo outfit.

In a series of horrifying videos, she detailed her ordeal upon finding the spider and the videos have racked up millions of views.

The video was captioned: “When I order from Boohoo!” Then as the series continued, Ms Sharp joked that Boohoo should “come and get [their] unwanted employee” or she would “start charging rent”.

Ms Sharp named the spider Bart and managed to put him in a box to take to a pet shop where he could find a safe home.

The clips have circulated on TikTok and received over 134,000. Many recoiled in horror, with one saying: “Boohoo really saying BOO.”

Another commented: “Nah I’m out. First fleas and now spiders the size of my American bulldog. That’s it I’m making my own clothes.”

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This refers to the controversy last month when customers found fleas in parcels from PrettyLittleThing, owned by Boohoo.

Disgusted shoppers took to social media to complain that there were bugs inside their packages, with one captioning: “For them to be in BOTH bags there must be a major infestation in the warehouse.”

Shoppers are now disgusted that creepy crawlies have been found in both Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing parcels. Taking to Twitter, one said: “Am genuinely never ordering clothes again online, seen that PrettyLittleThing have fleas in their orders and now a girl on TikTok showing her Boohoo package had a spider in, that’s me done for a while I think.”

“We found no evidence to support the claims being made.

“We are extremely proud of our warehouse, and the teams who maintain them, and we hope that the information provided has addressed the concerns that have been raised.”

Boohoo has been contacted for comment on this issue.


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