Boris Johnson news: Prime Minister hits out at EU over threat to block Covid vaccine | UK | News (Reports)


The Prime Minister was quizzed on the EU’s threat to the UK regarding the delivery of the Pfizer vaccine to Britain following AstraZeneca informing the trading bloc that there would be a decrease in the number of vaccines available to them. Mr Johnson called on the European Union to cooperate with the UK Government rather than work against them.

‘s Political Editor Harry Cole said: “There are some comments out of Europe looking at the possibility of blocking exports produced in Europe to countries like the UK.

“Can we get a response from you to that?”

Mr Johnson told the coronavirus briefing: “On supply from vaccines abroad to this country, I have got total confidence in our supplies.

“We have been over this many times over the last days and hours.

“All I will say is that we expect and hope that our EU friends will honour all contracts.”

“We will continue and we fully expect that will happen.”

“We will continue to work with friends and partners in the EU and indeed around the world.

“The delivery of the vaccine has been a multinational effort and the creation of the vaccine has been a multinational effort.

“The vaccine knows no borders.”

More to follow…


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